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First MDF production line of Merbok Group was installed and commissioned in 2002 in Horana Sri Lanka. Later in 2004, its second production line was commissioned. The company added a second short cycle lamination line in 2011 to increase the production of the value-added product including larger laminated panel sizes.

Merbok has recently been awarded FSCTM (C133495) Chain of Custody Certification. The Chain-of-Custody process ensures the consumer that the FSCTM-certified products they purchase are coming from responsibly managed sources. For a consumer to purchase an FSCTM-certified product, every company that previously had ownership of the forest product material components of the end product would have had to be FSCTM certified. A range of FSCTMCertified products is available from Merbok on request.

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Quality products enhance good designs, making it possible to economically turn ideas into magnificent applications while complementing a setting with its own identity. Merbok’s product range will encourage you to abandon fixed ideas. Please contact Merbok to discuss your specific applications and requirements.

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